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Save money. Trim your travel budget and still enjoy an exhilarating vacation. Travel Like This travel tips shows you the way
Drinking water

Should you drink the water while travelling?

Cook it, Boil it, Peel it, or forget it!

Pilgrimage cities of interest to all travellers, not just the religious

From Jerusalem to Rome, from Kyoto to Mecca, from Varanasi to Lhasa, all the major religions of the world have pilgrimage cities of special significance

Pilgrimage great way to give travel more meaning

A pilgrimage is a journey to visit a place that has religious or historic significance

Gearing up for travel in summer’s final days

Solar recharging, protein bars, whisky experiences, hammock options and celebrating Indigenous culture

More budget travel tips that will save you money

All these little budget travel tips could add up to more travel time ... so watch all those little things carefully

Short-term voluntourism one way to enrich your travel experience

Wherever you travel, you will have a more meaningful trip by connecting with locals
Jogging, or running, to get in shape

Shape up and really enjoy your trip

Travel can wear you out even if it's not an active vacation, so shape up for travel, and happy travels

The ABCs of B&Bs

Bed and Breakfasts started in Great Britain, with people inviting travellers into their homes to earn a little extra money
Bed and Breakfast

Tips to stretch your travel accommodation budget

Rather than skipping a vacation, cut a few corners and travel a little smarter by eating and sleeping cheaper