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Cleaning fish

ConnecTour Chronicles: Lodges hanging on by a thin fishing line

“We need a plan to fully reopen the border so our businesses can survive”
Connectour bicycle clinic

ConnecTour Chronicles: A bicycle clinic that started with a bang

CYCLING ACROSS CANADA: Winnipeg has taken a shine to urban cycling
Ross Bond Connectour

ConnecTour Chronicles: Warmshowers hosts have equally warm spirits

Members offer a place for touring cyclists to pitch their tents and grab a shower. In exchange: an evening of conversation
Nokomis Craft Ales beer golden ale

ConnecTour Chronicles: Cheap rural living brings brewery dream to life

Nokomis Craft Ales is putting this Prairie town on the map – defying conventional thinking that only the big city yields success
Connectour hospital injury

A sudden, frightening crash sidelines one of our cyclists

‘I threw down my bike and ran over to her. She was lying still on the pavement, entangled in her bike'
team, connectour, sandra

ConnecTour Chronicles: Antique store owner revives memories

Tour team member Allison Flach spent summers in Rosetown, Sask., as a kid, staying with her grandparents, who were revered in the community
Pool party

ConnecTour Chronicles: A pool party on the Prairies

A couple of us, suffering from physical and heat exhaustion, laid down and passed out for a few minutes of respite. But there was a neighbourly antidote to a heat wave
Robb Syre tatoo artist

ConnecTour Chronicles: Even in Banff, COVID-19 has left its mark

Tattoo artist Robb Syre moved to the Alberta mountain resort town to chase a dream with his best friend. Instead, he lost his friend to the virus
bycicle hill nature fitness bike

ConnectTour Chronicles: Highlights, lowlights and lessons learned so far

Learn to take it one pedal stroke at a time. And even though that hill can look intimidating, just get into the zone and take it slow
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