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Amish follow a humble path to a simpler way of life

The homestead is no-frills, but felt cozy as the family bustled about their daily chores
calgary cycling

ConnecTour Chronicles: Calgary bike trails a bridge between city and nature

You can easily turn it into a multi-day cruise from vibrant urban areas to quiet paths that feel far from the urban jungle
Road accident

ConnecTour Chronicles: Reckless drivers are the scourge of cyclists

Damn those dangerous drivers. I wish they could see the world from a bicycle seat. Perhaps it would make them reconsider their recklessness
wall painting art connectour

ConnecTour Chronicles: A private fantasy world, rich in local and family history

CYCLING CANADA: It would be an insult to say Sheri is a packrat; all of the hundreds of knickknacks she has have a history
Cleaning fish

ConnecTour Chronicles: Lodges hanging on by a thin fishing line

“We need a plan to fully reopen the border so our businesses can survive”
Connectour bicycle clinic

ConnecTour Chronicles: A bicycle clinic that started with a bang

CYCLING ACROSS CANADA: Winnipeg has taken a shine to urban cycling
Ross Bond Connectour

ConnecTour Chronicles: Warmshowers hosts have equally warm spirits

Members offer a place for touring cyclists to pitch their tents and grab a shower. In exchange: an evening of conversation
Nokomis Craft Ales beer golden ale

ConnecTour Chronicles: Cheap rural living brings brewery dream to life

Nokomis Craft Ales is putting this Prairie town on the map – defying conventional thinking that only the big city yields success
Connectour hospital injury

A sudden, frightening crash sidelines one of our cyclists

‘I threw down my bike and ran over to her. She was lying still on the pavement, entangled in her bike'
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