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Arctic Circle

An epic fishing adventure at the Arctic Circle

Ten friends, a rustic lodge and days spent on the pristine waters of Great Bear Lake

Travels and hikes in Italy’s mini Canada

The shared borders with France and Switzerland have clearly contributed to a multilingual society in this very northern and beautiful corner of Italy
Travel Like This editor Lisa Monforton gazing over Ha-Ling-Peak

A perfect Canmore autumn getaway distilled into two days

Great food and spirits, fine accommodation, challenging and scenic hikes, and a rejuvenating stop at a spa to finish it off

Chill out and recharge with this travel gear

We test out some handy gear and gadgets to see if they’ll be worth packing for our next backcountry trip

Riding in Riccione and the unsurpassable beauty of Tuscany

The beauty and hospitality of Italy soon becomes apparent whether astride a bicycle or driving down its twisting, narrow country roads

‘This is Mongolian rehab:’ Father and son go to extremes for digital detox

‘We have a chance to free ourselves from technology. It’s this wide-open space reflecting philosophically and spiritually. There are few fences and many roads’

Hut-to-hut hike rewards adventurers with epic views

Comfy beds and incredible food await after a long, fulfilling day

Taking the anxiety out of long crossings in a kayak

Go early, be prepared for any eventuality, plan well, concentrate on strong paddle strokes and keep your destination dead off your bow
Whistler Mountain

How did Whistler B.C. get its name?

It's all because of the cute little marmort . . .