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Romance is in the (alpine) air in Zurich

Behind its business persona is a romantic setting complete with snow-capped mountains, pristine alpine lakes and dreamy architecture

Christmas dream routes through East Germany

Erfurt, Potsdam and Rostock, in East Germany, rival many of their big city cousins, especially during the Christmas season

A town-to-town hike along the Ligurian Sea

Cinque Terra offers astonishing vistas of beauty and a rigorous test of your hiking fitness

Travels and hikes in Italy’s mini Canada

The shared borders with France and Switzerland have clearly contributed to a multilingual society in this very northern and beautiful corner of Italy

Travelling with Greta Thunberg in mind

Living with your environmental choices and the ones others make for you while on the road
Trevi Fountain

Overwhelmed in Rome, overfed in Matera

Basking in the splendour, charm and hospitality of southern Italy, particularly when you wander off the beaten track

The meaning is sometimes lost in translation

The tradition of mangling English in restaurants, hotels and public places continues
Paris Hotel

A fine deception at a fine Paris hotel

It doesn’t do to embarrass oneself in front of the waiter in the lobby bar of the Four Seasons George V hotel

Looking for the Pirates of Penzance in Cornwall

With St. Michael’s Mount on the horizon, a grand walking tour awaits