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The meaning is sometimes lost in translation

The tradition of mangling English in restaurants, hotels and public places continues

Sintra, Portugal, is simply magical

Sintra is one of those places where there is so much packed in that you'll say to yourself: "Wow! How come I never knew about this before?"

Guernsey is a hot spot for Second World War buffs

Channel Islands were only British territory occupied by Nazis

Looking for the Pirates of Penzance in Cornwall

With St. Michael’s Mount on the horizon, a grand walking tour awaits

Five of the best castle stays in Scotland

There are two types of castle hotels: those operated as regular hotels and those that must be rented on an exclusive-use basis
Trevi Fountain

Overwhelmed in Rome, overfed in Matera

Basking in the splendour, charm and hospitality of southern Italy, particularly when you wander off the beaten track

Ireland’s local storytellers spice up the discovery tour

There are plenty of Irish storytellers to guide you through a tapestry of intrigue, battles, and years that were, by turn, lean, hungry and ultimately triumphant.

A town-to-town hike along the Ligurian Sea

Cinque Terra offers astonishing vistas of beauty and a rigorous test of your hiking fitness

Everything you’ve ever heard about Paris is true

But like a flirtatious mistress, she will drive you to distraction while capturing your soul