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Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre

My five favourite spots in Reykjavik

Reykjavik's rugged inhabitants deal with constant volcanic activity along with earthquakes, avalanches and even and occasional glacial flood
German Christmas market in Trier

Christmas in Germany

German Christmas markets, a kaleidoscope of colors and lights, are street markets that are usually held in town squares and spill over into adjacent pedestrian zones
Drinking beer

Sampling Trappist Monastery beers in Belgium

If you want to take a driving tour with a different twist, hop into your rental car and ramble around the country sampling Trappist Monastery Beers.
The Homage to Picasso pieces by Master Walter Furlan. We were taken to a private viewing of the three sculptures on the factory deck. Each had been placed on a pedestal, with the Venetian lagoon as a backdrop. Photo by Mike Robinson

The seduction of art and the art of sales seduction

Grace, beauty, art and commerce at the Vetreria Artistica glass factory on Italy’s Murano island
Venice lagoon environmental

Taking a broader, ecological view of Venice

How many of us think of the Venetian lagoon and its imperilled circumstances when we imagine a trip to Piazza San Marco?

The Algarve: Portugal’s magnificent beach of a south coast

Imagine golden sand, 25C with a blue sky in May, and the cleanest blue-green ocean you’ve ever seen. Add boardwalks stretching for kilometres and fabulous food

Travels and hikes in Italy’s mini Canada

The shared borders with France and Switzerland have clearly contributed to a multilingual society in this very northern and beautiful corner of Italy

The Bohemian jewel in Europe’s glittering crown

Český Krumlov often catches the first-time visitor by surprise, arousing a feeling of wondrous awe.

Travelling with Greta Thunberg in mind

Living with your environmental choices and the ones others make for you while on the road