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Travel Insider: Post-fire Waterton; Calgary chef cruises to celeb status; a ‘vine’ sleep

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Dog House Restaurant

Small cities like Duncan, B.C., steward great artists

Reflecting on Canadian culture at the Dog House Restaurant and small businesses dedicated to local artisans

Once in a blue moon: scaling B.C.’s Fisher Peak

Climbing Fisher requires no mountaineering equipment, no technical skills. But the steady steepness makes for a long, hard day
Riding free

Get a little badass on two wheels in Alberta’s Badlands

Sometimes you just need to hightail it out of the city to a place that makes you feel free.

Three cool things to do in Tofino, Niagara and central Alberta

If you are heading to Tofino soon, be sure to eat at 1909 Kitchen; Alberta's Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park; wining and dining at Two Sisters Vineyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Assiniboine ski mecca

On the edge at otherworldly Mount Assiniboine

The wonder of Assiniboine’s infinite blanket of brilliant white snow is like a dream you can’t wait to return to

Eats, eccentrics and relaxation in Calgary and Winnipeg tours

Indulge in the ancient at two Winnipeg attractions: a fascinating tour of the legislature or the relaxing Thermea Nordic Spa

Off-season in Tofino: Surreal scenery, adventures, culinary treats

No need to rush south of the border for sandy beaches, sipping cocktails and freshly caught seafood. We have it all right here in Canada on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in Tofino, B.C.

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