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Drunk house

Of sour toes, midnight golf, and birds singing for sex and war

Historic, colourful, quaint and sleep-deprived Dawson City; and up the perilous, muddy Dempster Highway

A soft egg in the Nahanni National Park Reserve

Discovering Virginia Falls, a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site – and learning a little German

Hut-to-hut hike rewards adventurers with epic views

Comfy beds and incredible food await after a long, fulfilling day

Taking the anxiety out of long crossings in a kayak

Go early, be prepared for any eventuality, plan well, concentrate on strong paddle strokes and keep your destination dead off your bow
Whistler Mountain

How did Whistler B.C. get its name?

It's all because of the cute little marmort . . .

Five days kayaking in B.C.’s Broken Group Islands

The majority of the paddlers were over 50, but there were young families and it was noticeable how much their children enjoyed the experience

Geared up for another kayak adventure on the B.C. coast

The equipment has improved and been refined over the years, but the thrill of the backcountry remains the same

Travel Insider: Post-fire Waterton; Calgary chef cruises to celeb status; a ‘vine’ sleep

Travel Like This editor Lisa Monforton monthly travel insider tips
Dog House Restaurant

Small cities like Duncan, B.C., steward great artists

Reflecting on Canadian culture at the Dog House Restaurant and small businesses dedicated to local artisans