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Deputy Mayor Sheilagh OLeary (left) welcomed the ConnecTour cyclists to her city

Cross-country cyclists welcomed by St. John’s deputy mayor

ConnecTour cross-country cyclists finally reach their destination

With Cognac, it’s all about terroir

The environment, including the chalky soil, is everything when it comes to producing the right grapes
Captain Stan Peet

Proud captain sails to Canada’s other ‘distinct society’: Newfoundland

Capt. Stan Peet says while Newfoundland is definitely a part of Canada, it is a very a distinct society
historic log house built in 1844

Charlottetown’s heritage homes have a champion

Paul Coles has won eight City of Charlottetown Heritage Awards for his restoration work
Miscou Island Acadian Peninsula New Brunswick Atlantic Canada flowers

New Brunswick’s Acadia region a hidden gem

A naturally beautiful region with equally vibrant people, Acadia is a Canadian treasure

Pour a Riesling and travel vicariously to Germany’s Weinfeste

There is no better way to experience German culture at its most authentic than to attend a Weinfest
rain storm weather hurricane larry

ConnecTour Chronicles: Good luck dodging bad weather finally runs out

Calling it a downpour is a disservice. It would be much more accurate to call it a deluge
Richard Briggs ConnecTour

ConnecTour Chronicles: Ottawa family is all-in on car-free, cycling lifestyle

Richard Briggs eclectic bicycles range from fairly conventional to a variety of Frankenbikes

Amish follow a humble path to a simpler way of life

The homestead is no-frills, but felt cozy as the family bustled about their daily chores
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