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Captain Stan Peet

Proud captain sails to Canada’s other ‘distinct society’: Newfoundland

Capt. Stan Peet says while Newfoundland is definitely a part of Canada, it is a very a distinct society
historic log house built in 1844

Charlottetown’s heritage homes have a champion

Paul Coles has won eight City of Charlottetown Heritage Awards for his restoration work
Miscou Island Acadian Peninsula New Brunswick Atlantic Canada flowers

New Brunswick’s Acadia region a hidden gem

A naturally beautiful region with equally vibrant people, Acadia is a Canadian treasure

Pour a Riesling and travel vicariously to Germany’s Weinfeste

There is no better way to experience German culture at its most authentic than to attend a Weinfest
rain storm weather hurricane larry

ConnecTour Chronicles: Good luck dodging bad weather finally runs out

Calling it a downpour is a disservice. It would be much more accurate to call it a deluge
Richard Briggs ConnecTour

ConnecTour Chronicles: Ottawa family is all-in on car-free, cycling lifestyle

Richard Briggs eclectic bicycles range from fairly conventional to a variety of Frankenbikes

Amish follow a humble path to a simpler way of life

The homestead is no-frills, but felt cozy as the family bustled about their daily chores
calgary cycling

ConnecTour Chronicles: Calgary bike trails a bridge between city and nature

You can easily turn it into a multi-day cruise from vibrant urban areas to quiet paths that feel far from the urban jungle
Road accident

ConnecTour Chronicles: Reckless drivers are the scourge of cyclists

Damn those dangerous drivers. I wish they could see the world from a bicycle seat. Perhaps it would make them reconsider their recklessness
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