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A guide to understanding the hotel star system

About the only thing that hotel ratings have in common are their confusing star systems

Travel Insider: Post-fire Waterton; Calgary chef cruises to celeb status; a ‘vine’ sleep

Travel Like This editor Lisa Monforton monthly travel insider tips
Dog House Restaurant

Small cities like Duncan, B.C., steward great artists

Reflecting on Canadian culture at the Dog House Restaurant and small businesses dedicated to local artisans

Once in a blue moon: scaling B.C.’s Fisher Peak

Climbing Fisher requires no mountaineering equipment, no technical skills. But the steady steepness makes for a long, hard day
Riding free

Get a little badass on two wheels in Alberta’s Badlands

Sometimes you just need to hightail it out of the city to a place that makes you feel free.

Finding a place to sleep in any language in Europe

If you're looking for a place to sleep in more rural areas of a country, it pays to know some of the names you should be looking for

Vacation planning for empty nesters

Think about it: No more exploring the world via Disney's Epcot Center

‘Cheap’ hotels a great way to save

Keep in mind that bargains come in all kinds of packages, and you should be able to find a nice cheap hotel that you can live with

A magnificent Cornish pub dinner to top off a day of discovery

We walked back to our lodgings simply wondering if a better day could be had – anywhere. And already tomorrow was beckoning