Saturday, July 2, 2022


Home Drive

Bike riders need to learn to share the road

Just because you ride a bike, that doesn’t put you on the side of the angels or make you better than the rest of us
Prius 2020

Toyota Prius still leads the hybrid pack

This car is all about practicality and common sense. Toyota is on top of its game when it comes to hybrid technology
Harley bikes

The two-wheel war of words: Harley or not

Show up at a Harley gathering with your Yamaha or Kawasaki and you can definitely expect the cold shoulder
Mazda RX7

Gone but definitely not forgotten: Mazda RX-7

It offers hell-for-leather performance, yet idles like a purring cat at stoplights and is perfectly civilized on the highway
Hyundai Palisade exterior

Hyundai Palisade makes no wrong turns

The 2020 version does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s comfortable, roomy, powerful, easy to drive and pleasant to look at
Indian Sixty motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle reborn, again

Polaris now has control of the classic name and is manufacturing a seven-model lineup. There are dealers across Canada
2017 Genesis G90

Genesis G90: true luxury and a pleasure to drive

The G90 matches anything in the luxury market when it comes to comfort, performance, engineering finesse and usability
toyota i-Road

Toyota turns heads – and tight corners – with i-Road

Part motorcycle and part automobile, the three-wheeled vehicle is innovative and provocative. But will it ever be allowed in Canada?
Mercedes GLS450

Mercedes GLS 450 is big, bold and pricey

The 2020 version of this SUV has plenty of prestige and presence, but it's not perfect
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