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Everything you’ve ever heard about Paris is true

But like a flirtatious mistress, she will drive you to distraction while capturing your soul

Riding in Riccione and the unsurpassable beauty of Tuscany

The beauty and hospitality of Italy soon becomes apparent whether astride a bicycle or driving down its twisting, narrow country roads
Jogging, or running, to get in shape

Shape up and really enjoy your trip

Travel can wear you out even if it's not an active vacation, so shape up for travel, and happy travels

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Trevi Fountain

Overwhelmed in Rome, overfed in Matera

Basking in the splendour, charm and hospitality of southern Italy, particularly when you wander off the beaten track

The ABCs of B&Bs

Bed and Breakfasts started in Great Britain, with people inviting travellers into their homes to earn a little extra money
Bed and Breakfast

Tips to stretch your travel accommodation budget

Rather than skipping a vacation, cut a few corners and travel a little smarter by eating and sleeping cheaper

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