Saturday, June 12, 2021

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What the heck is bike touring anyway? It’s an experience

But, often, bike touring requires making lemonade out of lemons
Lisa Monforton, ConnecTour group member, rides the road the Highwood Pass, at 2,206 metres, the highest elevation paved pass in Canada

COVID panic? Keep calm and carry on with bike tour planning

Four of the five members of the core group who plan to cycle across the country have had their first shots. We’re ready to go

It’s not about where we travel but why

A collection of ordinary adventurers are preparing to travel at the speed of life, seeking to connect with fellow Canadians across the country

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Angkor Wat: remote, mysterious and architecturally inspiring

Angkor Wat is an archaeological marvel for the ages

Iqaluit and beyond, through snow and ice

Part 3 of a three-part series: Everyone was on high alert, and while the crew sailed and fretted, we watched the parading wildlife

The polar bears were the showstoppers

Travelling ever northward to the vast wilderness of Torngat Mountains National Park

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