Thursday, August 11, 2022

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How quiet can it be in The Bahamas? Plenty quiet

Hints of Hurricane Dorian still linger, but The Bahamas as beautiful as ever
ConnecTour group member Tanya McFerrin during a rest break on a recent ride.

How a bike ride across Canada restored my belief in people

It changed my view of Canadians and perhaps of human nature itself
polar bear

Is the polar bear’s life becoming even more perilous?

Life's tough for polar bears: climate is extreme, ice varies, food's scattered. Yet they persist

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Teresita and Des McCarthy at the Lighthouse on Bell Island

Second World War attack helped shape Bell Island’s history

It was the only domestic location where Canadians lost their lives during the global conflict

Cognac’s rise from a regional product to a worldwide phenomenon

Export sales drove the development of the industry, a feature as true today as it was three centuries ago
cognac vats

Getting to the essence of cognac: the distiller’s art

The deft hand of the master blender is critical to production

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